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Mad Maze par loisirs Ardèche

Mad Maze park

Information to know before your day with us

To organize your day at MAD MAZE in an optimal way:

  • The park is located in a forest. You are advised to come with suitable shoes.
  • Plan between 3 hours and the whole day for your visit
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the park outside the areas provided for this purpose.
  • The park is accessible by stroller except for the maze. consider taking a baby carrier.
  • Animals are not accepted within the grounds of the park with or without a leash except assistance animals.

For more information, call us on 07 76 30 16 79 or send us an email at:

Mad Maze pour groupes et CE

Mad Maze park

Local food and beverages

Salty and sweet meals from local products. Picnic tables available.


Parking is free and unguarded. Be careful not to leave anything of value in sight. We cannot be responsible for any theft or damage.


All of our constructions (reception building, towers, palisades, furniture, dustbin shelter, terrace, snack bar, bench, dustbins, etc.) are built with wood. The companies involved at each stage of construction are all from the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, and most are from the department.

Minor children

Children are under the responsibility of parents for all park activities. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Regardless of their age, minors are the responsibility of their parents or persons who have legal custody of them, who are then responsible for any damage they may cause.

Means of payment

We accept cash payments, credit card and ANCV holiday vouchers. It is not uncommon to have network problems in Ardèche. This causes connection difficulties for cards or contactless devices. For more security, do not hesitate to provide two methods of payment.


We are located in the heart of a typical southern Ardèche forest. We mainly have oaks, junipers and some Montpellier maples. We want to respect this beautiful environment that surrounds us, anxious to protect trees, animals, birds and insects as much as possible. This is why we mark out our trails to avoid soil compaction and erosion by excessive trampling around the trees, we keep wild spaces by prohibiting passages allowing the forest to regenerate. Our trails are made of shavings crushed during our winter pruning, which helps nourish the soil and prevent mud.

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