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The origin of the Mad Maze park project


It was during a trip to New Zealand that Kevin discovered the world’s first 3D maze. It’s a revelation!! He calls his cousin Maxime to the rescue, who has a useful background in finance/management (and for fun too!).

It’s decided, they embark on a crazy project (Mad Maze!).


The cousins ​​meet in France and the serious things begin: establishment of the field research area, making the first appointments with the CCI, research and grant applications, contacts with banks, design of the plans for the site. The business plan can begin.


The town hall of Larnas offers land that seems destined to accommodate our leisure park. The project is big, the steps are spread over time with many emotional lifts, but we are both determined to establish ourselves here. The local fabric is really motivating and support is so important!


The fauna & flora study which lasted one year is coming to an end. A well-documented report allows us to project ourselves into the exploitation of this land while respecting the local environment which is dear to us. The project takes shape with the architects and the connection with local entrepreneurs.


Moving to the Ardèche for everyone, just to be there to meet our local intermediaries and facilitate our exchanges. Still canvassing banks and composing administrative files.


Obtaining the building permit, but ouch ouïlle… Pandemic… Good! We will take advantage of this dead time to refine this beautiful project.


The last loans have been granted, the subsidies have been accepted for quite some time… Phew! We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to initiate first contacts with you, and you have been faithful to the position and we thank you for it! Work begins in September. We are so happy.

The park will open its doors in Spring 2022.